Corrections and clarifications

While reasonable attempts have been made to verify all information in this book, the very nature of the professional wrestling business often makes the 'truth' little more than the more plausible of two contrasting exaggerations. If you would like to correct or clarify anything in this book, please e-mail

Any factual errors will be corrected on this page.

Thanks in particular to Greg Gaudio for his help.

Page 5: The acknowledgments should include Jonathan Barber's history of XPW article published at the Declarations of Independents site (specifically the information on Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley's cameo in Whack Attack 5 and background on the ECW links to Extreme Associates.)

Page 9: In the reverse steel cage battle royale, the winner was the first man in the ring, not the last.

Page 14: Eddie Gilbert worked as Michael Myers/Boogie Man in W*ING, not as Leatherface.

Page 18: Sabu and Tazmaniac's final televised battle before their 1997 Barely Legal match was on 15 March 1994.

Page 26: One event, UltraClash 93, was released on home video between Super Summer Sizzler 1993 and The Night The Line Was Crossed.

Page 57: The book refers to Paul Heyman buying out Tod Gordon's interest in the company by taking on existing debts, but does not give a figure. Since the book's publication, Heyman has stated in court documents that the debts were "in excess of $175,000".

Page 57: HHG was an unused shell company previously set-up by Richard Heyman and transferred to use for ECW. The initials had no connection with wrestling or the Heymans and Gordon.

Page 58: There was no cage match at the Hardcore Heaven 1995 show. (There were two cage matches on the following ECW Arena show, Heatwave.)

Page 71: As an FBI member, Tommy Rich was billed from Nashville, Sicily, not Italy as stated.

Page 106: Raven's doctor and roommate was Mark Allen, not Mark Andrews.

Page 117: WrestlePalooza 1997 took place on 7 June, not 6 June.

Page 125: Tony Lewis group was (as correctly listed elsewhere in the book) Strictly ECW.

Page 142: "Storm vs Douglas" should read "Storm vs Dreamer".

Page 145: Joey Styles continued in his day job (in advertising sales) upon taking on his role as announcer for TNN.

Page 188: Al Snow should be listed as debuting on 10 December 1994.

Page 190: As well as the listed names, Kid Kash wrestled in ECW as David Cash, while Reckless Youth also appeared (working one show, on 26/12/98).

Page 194: Cyrus and Joel Gertner's debut in 2000 was on 1 October, not 7 October.