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The first half of the book feature the three epic Hulk Who? special travelogues (totalling 175 pages) - see what happens when an innocent Brit goes across the pond on a wrestling voyage:

Hulk Who? Goes Extreme (August 1996)

ECW convention featuring shows in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia (The Doctor Is In)

Hulk Who? Goes Beyond The Extreme (February 1997)

Featuring the USWA in Forrest City (Arkansas), Nashville and Louisville plus Memphis TV, WWF Final Four in Chattanooga and RAW in Nashville, and the ECW convention in New York and Philadelphia (CyberSlam)

Hulk Who? The Final Frontier (September 1997)

Featuring CWA at the Dallas Sportatorium, Memphis TV, WWF house show in Nashville, Ground Zero in Louisville, RAW in Cincinatti, Terry Funk's WrestleFest in Amarillo, and a trip to the Double Cross Ranch

The second half of the book has more than 40 articles from 1991-2004.

From Hulk Who?'s 'What if' feature (the fantasy booking of its day):

From the Hulk Who? fanzine (1994-97):

From Wrestling Insight (1995-97)

From Suckerpunch (1997-98)

From Wrestling Wrap-Up (2000)

From Moonsault X-Tra (2000)

From Wrestling's Last Hope (2000-01)

From Pro Wrestling Press (2002-04)

Previously unpublished articles: