Shows were broadcast on Saturdays only. Wrestling was now a standalone programme shown early in the afternoon. For the first time matches were broadcast from shows by All Star Wrestling (ASW) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as well as the incumbent Joint Promotions (JP).

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3rd January 1987 (London Hippodrome, taped 27/12/86) ASW

Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) (F) v John Wilkie (0)

Mark Rocco (FF) v Chic Cullen (F)

Disco ladder match: Kendo Nagasaki (W) v Clive Myers

10th January 1987 (Oldham, taped 10/12/86) JP

Ray Steele (F) v Dave Taylor (F)

World mid-heavyweight title eliminater: Marty Jones (F, S) v Jean Paul Auevaert (F)

17 January 1987, WWF

British Bulldogs (F) v Hart Foundation (taped 1 November 1986 at Boston Garden)

Kamala (F) v Sal Bellomo (taped 19 November 1986 in South Bend, Indiana)

Lumberjack match: Hulk Hogan (F) v Randy Savage (taped 17 February 1986 at Madison Square Garden, New York)

24th January 1987 (Catford, taped 25/11/86) ASW

Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) (F) v Rocky Moran (0)

Tony St Clair (0) v Wayne Bridges (F) (DKO)

Catweazle (F) v Shane Stevens (0)

31st January 1987 (Oldham, taped 10/12/86) JP

Gil Singh (KO) v Ripper John Raven

British Light-Heavyweight champion Alan Kilby (FF) v Andy Blair (0)

7th February 1987 (Hereford, taped 17/12/86) JP

Greg Valentine (F, DQ) v Scrubber Daly (FF)

Pat Roach (F) v Steve Logan (0)

14th February 1987 (Hereford, taped 17/12/86) JP

Grand Prix Belt semi-finals:

Tom Tyrone (FF) v Johnny Wilson (F)

Skull Murphy (S) v Pete Roberts (F, Pts)

21st February 1987 (Catford, taped 25/11/86) ASW

Wayne Martin/Robbie Brookside (F) V Bobby Barnes/Blondie Barrett (0)

Jon Cortez (F) v Jackie Robinson (0)

Mark Rocco (F, RSF) v Johnny Saint (0)

We do not have listings for 28th February through 14th March 1987.

21st March 1987 (Croydon, taped 13/1/87) ASW

Jon Cortez (S) v Keith Haward (F)

Kendo Nagasaki/Mark Rocco (FF) V Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger)/Clive Myers (F)

28th March 1987 (Huddersfield, taped 8/1/87) JP

Dave Finlay (FF) v Caswell Martin (F)

Golden Grappler Trophy quarter-final: Mal Sanders (F) v Pat Patton (0)

Giant Haystacks v Gil Singh (DQ)

4th April 1987 (Huddersfield, taped 8/1/87) JP

Grand Prix Belt tournament final: Pete Roberts (FF) v Tom Tyrone (S)

Golden Grappler Trophy quarter-final: Richie Brooks (DQ) v Mick McMichael

Big Daddy/Marty Jones (FF) v The Samurai/King Kong Mal Kirk (F)

11th April 1987 (Stockport, taped 17/2/87) JP

Danny Collins (F) v Kung Fu (F)

Golden Grappler Trophy quarter-final: Kid McCoy (F) v Jackie Turpin (0)

Red Ivan (COR) v Barry Douglas

18th April 1987 (Stockport, taped 17/2/87) JP

Pat Roach (KO) v Ray Steele (F)

Golden Grappler Trophy quarter-final: Ian McGregor (F) v Eddie Riley (0)

Andy Robin (S, RSF) v Mel Stuart (0)

25th April 1987 (Bradford, taped 5/3/87) JP

Alan Kilby (F, DQ) v Colonel Brody (S)

Golden Grappler Trophy semi-final: Richie Brooks (RSF) v Mal Sanders

For the vacant World Mid-Heavyweight title: Marty Jones (FF) v Owen Hart (F)

2nd May 1987 (Bradford, taped 5/3/87) JP

Golden Grappler Trophy semi-final: Kid McCoy (F) v Ian McGregor (0)

Red Ivan (COR) v Andy Blair

Gil Singh (F) v Skull Murphy (S) (DDQ)

9th May 1987 (Bedworth, taped 25/3/87) JP

King Ben (FF) v Ray Robinson (F)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (FF) v Red Ivan/Drew McDonald (S)

16th May 1987 (Bedworth, taped 25/3/87) JP

Steve Logan (F) v Greg Valentine (0)

Battle royale: Giant Haystacks (W), Scrubber Daly, Pat Roach, Terry Rudge, Johnny Wilson, King Kendo, King Kong Kirk, Colonel Brody

23rd May 1987 (Croydon, taped 13/1/87) ASW

Wayne Bridges (F, DQ) v John Quinn (F)

World Lightweight champion Johnny Saint (F, RSF) v Mike Jordan (F)

30th May 1987 (Broxbourne, taped 8/4/87) JP

British Welterweight champion Danny Collins (FF) v Rick Wiseman (F)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (S, F) v Kid McCoy

6th June 1987 (Broxbourne, taped 8/4/87) JP

Tag team tournament:

Greg Valentine/Pat Patton (FF) v Karl Heinz/Kurt Heinz (S)

Peter Collins/Jeff Kerry (F) v Sid Cooper/Zoltan Boscik (S)

Patton/Valentine (FF) v Boscik/Cooper


Johnny Kidd (F) v Jim Fitzmaurice (F)

(Fitzmaurice replaced the billed Jeff Kerry.)

13th June 1987 (Catford, taped 28/4/87) ASW

Johnny Saint (FF) v Robbie Brookside (F)

World Heavy-Middleweight title: Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) (F) v Mark Rocco (FF)

20th June 1987 (Adwick Le Street, taped 7/5/87) JP

Marty Jones (FF) v Axel Anderson (0)

Giant Haystacks (KO) v Jamaica George

Caswell Martin (F) v Paul Bond (F)

27th June 1987 (Adwick Le Street, taped 7/5/87) JP

Andy Robin (S, RSF) v Ripper John Raven (F)

Ray Steele (F) v Dave Duran (0)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (F) v Kid McCoy (F, RSF)

We do not have listings for 4th July 1987

11th July 1987 (Catford, taped 28/4/87) ASW

Dave Finlay (KO) v Sandy Scott

Catweazle (F) v Mad Dog Ian Wilson  (0)

John Quinn/Kendo Nagasaki (DQ, KO) v Neil Sands/Tony St.Clair (DQ)

18th July 1987 (Nottingham, taped 10/6/87) JP

Greg Valentine (F, COR) v Bill Pearl (S)

Kid McCoy (FF) v Steve Speed (S)

Rasputin (F, S) v Bernie Wright (F)

25th July 1987 (Nottingham, taped 10/6/87) JP

Ray Steele (0) v Terry Rudge (0)

Giant Haystacks/King Kong Mal Kirk (S) v Steve Logan/Marty Jones (F) (NC)

1st August 1987 (Leicester, taped 24/6/87) JP

Ian McGregor (F) v Ray Stevens (F)

Alan Kilby (FF) v Inca Peru (S)

8th August 1987 (Leicester, taped 24/6/87) JP

Gil Singh (FF) v John Elijah (F)

Giant Haystacks/King Kong Mal Kirk (F, KO) V Marty Jones/Steve Logan (0)

15th August 1987 (Bridlington, taped 22/7/87) JP

Caswell Martin (FF) v Barry Douglas (F)

King Ben (FF) v Jackie Turpin (F)

Big Daddy/Andy Blair (FF) V Scrubber Daly/Lucky Gordon (F)

22nd August 1987 (Walthamstow, taped 4/8/87) ASW

Peter Bainbridge (F) v Garry Clwyd (F) (DKO)

Tom Tyrone (F) v Lee Bronson (0)

Dave Taylor/Steve Taylor (F, DQ) V Bruiser Ian Muir/Mighty Chang (S)

29th August 1987 (Bridlington, taped 22/7/87) JP

Golden Grappler Trophy final: Kid McCoy v Mal Sanders

5th September 1987 (Bridlington, taped 22/7/87) JP

Bobby Bold Eagle (F, DQ) v Pete LaPaque (0

Colonel Brody (F, DQ) v Ray Steele (F)

19th September 1987 (Southport, taped 19/8/87) JP

Knockout tournament semi-final: Skull Murphy (S, RSF) v Jamaica George (F)

Knockout tournament semi-final: Marty Jones (FF) v Bernie Wright (F)

Gil Singh (FF) v Terry Rudge (S)

26th September 1987 (Southport, taped 19/8/87) JP

Knockout/countout only: Ray Steele (COR) v Colonel Brody

Knockout tournament final (from previous week): Marty Jones (F) v Skull Murphy (0)

British Light-Heavyweight champion Alan Kilby (F) v Steve Logan (F)

3rd October 1987 (Walthamstow, taped 4/8/87) ASW

Dave Finlay (F, S) v Pete Roberts (F)

Chic Cullen (F, KO) v Robbie Brookside (F)

10th October 1987 (Borehamwood, taped 16/9/87) JP

John Elijah (FF) v John Kowalski (F)

Big Daddy/Andy Blair (F, COR) V The Spoiler/King Kendo (KO)

24th October (Borehamwood, taped 16/9/87) JP

Greg Valentine (F, DQ) v Rasputin (S)

British Lightweight champion Kid McCoy (F) v Steve Grey (F)

31st October 1987 (Bradford, taped 17/9/87) ASW

British Heavy-Middlweight champion Chic Cullen (F) v Dave Finlay (F, RSF)

7th November 1987 (Huddersfield, taped 8/10/87) JP

Grasshopper (FF) v Matt Matthews (F)

Ray Steele (F, S) v Gil Singh (F)

14th November 1987 (Huddersfield, taped 8/10/87) JP

Ivan Trevors (F) v Jimmy Ocean (0)

Alan Kilby (F) v Ted Heath (0)

King Ben (F) v El Diablo (0)

Battle royale: Alan Kilby, Ted Heath, King Ben (W), Jimmy Ocean, El Diablo, Ivan Trevors, Pat O'Sullivan, Kurt Heinz

21st November 1987 (Bradford, taped 17/9/87) ASW

World heavyweight champion Wayne Bridges (F) v Kendo Nagasaki (FF)

Kung Fu (F) v John Kenny (0)

28th November 1987 (Shrewsbury, taped 28/10/87) JP

England v Scotland

Dave Duran(SS) v Alex Munroe (0)

Bernie Wright (F) v Ian McGregor (F)

Andy Robin (COR) v Barry Douglas

McGregor/Munroe/Robin (F, S) v Douglas/Wright/Duran

5th December 1987 (Shrewsbury, taped 28/10/87) JP

Richie Brooks (FF) v Steve Speed (S)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Marty Jones (FF) v Caswell Martin (F)

12th December 1987 (Blackburn, taped 25/11/87) JP

Giant Haystacks (KO) v Rory Campbell

Big Daddy/Kashmir Singh (COR, COR) V The Spoiler/Rasputin KO)

Rick Wiseman (F) v Johnny Kidd (0)

19th December 1987 (Wallasey, taped 4/11/87)

Pete Roberts (0) v Dave Taylor (0)

Fit Finlay/Rocky Moran (F) V Kung Fu/Clive Myers (F)

Wrestling was not broadcast on 26th December 1987

The following matches took place at events recorded for television but were not broadcast:

Croydon, 13/1/87: Brian Maxine (1) v Steve Peacock (0), Dave Taylor (1) v Terry Rudge (0)

Bedworth, 25/3/87: Kid McCoy (2) v Andy Blair (1)

Broxbourne, 8/4/87: John Elijah (1) v Emperor (0)

Catford, 28/4/87: Steve Regal (1) v Kashmir Singh (0)

Nottingham, 10/6/87: Grasshopper (1) v Ray Smith (0)

Leicester, 24/6/87: Steve Grey (1) v Ray Crawley (0), Greg Valentine (2) v Rex Lane (0)

Bridlington, 22/7/87: Rasputin (1) v Dave Duran (0), Little Prince (1) v Rex Lane (0)

Walthamstow, 4/8/87: Clive Myers (1) v Shane Stevens (0)

Borehamwoof, 16/9/87: Sid Cooper (1) v Richie Brooks (0), Ian McGregor v Eddie Riley (NC)

Bradford, 17/9/87: Mike Jordan (1) v Jim Breaks (0), Steve Taylor (1) v Rocky Moran (0), Neil Sands v Johnny South (DKO)

Huddersfield, 8/10/87: Ray Robinson (DQ) v Emperor (0), Pat O'Sullivan (KO) v Kurt Heinz

Shrewsbury, 28/10/87: Steve Logan (1) v Mal Sanders (0)

Wallasey, 4/11/87: Rob Brookside (1) v Doc Dean (0), John Kenny (1) v Steve Peacock (0)

Blackburn, 25/11/87: Greg Valentine (1) v John Wilkie (0)

West Bromwich, 16/12/87: Alan Kilby (1) v Ray Robinson (0), Peter Bainbridge v Peter Collins (NC)